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Enerzi Microwave Systems Pvt. Ltd.

is one of the most trusted names in the niche of Industrial Microwave Heating Systems. Our steady growth in the Indian, as well as Overseas markets, is the result of the quality of products we offer. We manufacture Industrial Microwaves for a wide range of applications. Our products are Microwave Sintering Furnaces, Microwave Vulcanization Ovens, Microwave Polymer Curing Ovens, Microwave Chemical Synthesis Ovens, Microwave Drying Ovens, Custom Built Systems.In the future, we are still coming up with more innovative designs to meet specific needs.


Microwave Plasma CVD (MPCVD) Parts

Enerzi Microwave Systems Pvt. Ltd. has been introducing state of the art microwave machinery time and again. We bring to you the state of the art technology and components for Microwave Plasma CVD process for Diamond Synthesis.

Enerzi Microwave Systems Pvt. Ltd.
International Partnership

About Us

Enerzi is the leading brand in manufacturing of industrial Microwave Heating Systems. Enerzi is proud to be India’s pioneering innovator in the application of interdisciplinary engineering knowledge to develop a variety of Microwave Heating applications.


Enerzi Partners with Optris GmbH to bring State of the Art Pyrometers for CVD applications !

Specialized Dual Wavelength Ratio Pyrometers and a huge range of non-contact sensing technologies for Accurate, Repeatable and Reliable measurement of process temperatures during CVD process.

Dr. Prakash Mugali, CEO

Dr.Prakash Mugali

Founder & CEO

It is with immense pleasure that I head a company like Enerzi and cherish the excitement of being at the forefront of transformation of Industrial Heating in India and globally.

Established in 2007, Enerzi Microwave Systems Pvt. Ltd. has become a leading brand in manufacturing of Industrial Microwave Processing Systems and is a preferred supplier for Industries, Research Organisations and Educational Institutes.



Enerzi Microwave Systems Pvt. Ltd. has been incorporated in August 2007. The Board of Directors consits of Dr. Prakash Mugali, Dr. Krupashankara and Mrs. Rekha M. The Board of Directors are professionally managing the company through their roles.


Research @ Enerzi


Mr. Rajesh Khanna CEO, Wendt India Ltd.

Mr. Rajesh Khanna

Congratulations for the successful completion of 10 years. It is nice to note that, with humble beginning in the year 2007 to this year,

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Mr. Jitendra J. Jadhav Director, CSIR-NAL & Director, CSIR-CFTRI

Mr. Jitendra J. Jadhav

I am very much impressed from my visit to Enerzi, Belagavi. It was a great experience to have technical interactions with these entrepreneurs,

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Mr. Balark Banerjea General Manager, Tata Industries Ltd.

Mr. Balark Banerjea

Enerzi Microwave Systems Pvt Ltd. has been providing services to Tata Industries Limited for the past one year. They have been supporting

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Mr. Cyrus Aga Technical Director, Goldseal Engg. Ltd.

Mr. Cyrus Aga

It has been a great pleasure to work with Prakash & his team at Enerzi. Starting with microwaves over ten years ago, we now use a wide range of curing

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Mr. Mohit Mendiratta Managing Director, R. K. Profiles Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Mohit Mendiratta

Congratulations on successfully completing a decade in this business. I am happy to recollect that our working relationship with your organization is

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Mr. Amit Bishnoi Plant Head, Cooper Standard India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Amit Bishnoi

First of all I would like to congratulate you all on successfully completing 10 years of your association with Cooper Standard India Pvt Ltd. 10 years ago

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Prof. Dinesh Agrawal Director, MPEC- Penn State University USA.

Prof. Dinesh Agrawal

I am very happy that Enerzi has successfully completed ten years as the leading microwave systems manufacturing company in India. Application of microwaves in processing

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Mr. Haluk Gorgulu Chairman of the Board,TEKLAB, Turkey.


I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with the set up of High Temperature Microwave Furnace, the training & education provided for the users and for our

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